Texttile Printer

Textile Printer


* Computer and monitor not included.

Features & Performance & Technical Specifications.

   A wide range of applications solution!

With continuous ink recirculation and robust repairable construction, Dimatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation, smooth gradient and vibrant colors.

  GnTek recirculation solution!

GZ Negative pressure recirculation system with Japanese components, peristaltic pumps and degassing modules eliminate gasses and bubbles ensure stable sublimation transfer printing.

  Special Drying system for textile printing

GPoster heater and cooling fans dry the ink on the media back back right after printing, prevents the media back from ink contamination.

  Industrial stability and high speed!

Robust printer body, precise and stable media delivery system and effective drying system ensure stable and high speed sublimation transfer printing.

  Multifunction feeding and taking up system!

Constant tension devices plus pneumatic core shaft feeding and taking up systems ensure stable and precise transportation for different kinds of media.

  Intelligent printing table design!

With detachable printing table design customers can freely switch the platen for paper transfer and slot for textile. Close pinch rollers reduce media wrinkle.

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