Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Features & Performance & Technical Specifications.

With international advanced technology of RAYCUS(SPI, IPG) company's high-power fiber laser generator, high —precision rack and pinion system, imported high precision linear rails and efficient transmission through imported CNC system, our fiber laser cutting is mainly used for cutting and forming of carbon steel plate,sta inless steel ,aluminum and other metal materials. With high-speed high precision. and high efficiency, it is the best choice of the metal processing industry.


Mainly suitable for fast cutting on various sheet metals such as carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet and other sheet metal.

  Features of Metal Laser Cutting Machine
  Powerful Hardware Configuration.

The hardware of closed- loop control system consists of BMC1214 four axis motion card and BCL3724 terminal board. The system adopts high- precision 16- bit DA chip with low- noise and low-drift coefficient signal; Powerful real- time computing power is provided by High-performance ARM processor and FPGA coprocessor; The system can run more fast and smooth owning to 32 large capacity SDRAM memory; Reliable communication can be still achieved in harsh industrial environment due to high- speed differential communication bus. The system is safe, reliable and easy to manage due to coming with its time encryption and decryption function without needing other dongle..


New function of CypCut cutting software
Better speed, better convenience, better security and better use;

  Start processing immediately without waiting.

It can operate with smooth, high-speed and precision due to leading high-speed NURBS real-time interpolation, and start processing in any position without waiting. Whenever stop, alarm or power-down happens, it can continue to work from the breakpoint.

  One Graph, Numerous Processes.

You can complete a variety of processes by drawing only one graph. Pre-piercing: Piercing in advance according to your graph. Cutting with a film: Cutting after eliminating the film by stripping process. Secondary cooling: Processing once following immediate cooling along track.

  Fast & Practical Scanning Cutting.

Now it is possible to scan and cut straight line in any direction, and to naturally and progressively cut circular arc of arbitrary arrangement. We can ensure the tangent between circular arc and scan with smooth and high-speed.

  Convenient Seeking- Edge & Locating.

Not only capacitive seeking- edge, but also infrared and visual orientation can be easily operated using BCS100. The position and angle can be simultaneously determined in any case mentioned above.

 Version V3.0
Max Moving Speed 999 mm/s
Max Acceleration 2G
Vibration Elimination Following the front point & edge with easy vibration
Capacitance Mutation Restraint 10%
Min Adaptable Inflexibility Requirement 2 hz
Firmware Upgrade U Disk / Ethernet
DA Resolution 16 Bit
DA zero drift 3 Mv
DA Response Time 0.01 Mv
DA Linearity 0.1%
Positioning Accuracy 0.001 mm
Alarm Information & power Down Save Yes

Model number



Working Size



Laser Type

China Raycus fibe      laser ' SPI IPG optional

Wave length


Laser Output Power


Cutting Thickness


Max Cutting Speed


Position Accuracy

< +0.04mm

Minimum Line width


Cooling system

Water cooling

Driving system

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor and Drives


X axis with imported ball screw, Y axis with imported square rail and gears.

Remark : Above Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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