Metal and non metal laser cutting machines

Metal and non metal laser cutting machines


* Computer and monitor not included.

Performance & Technical Specifications.

Professional designs: Customized for different industry customers..

  * X,Y transmission by square rail and ball screw to ensure the stability of the machine and high precisions..
  * Rigid machine construction ensures the stability, high precision and high speed. Built to last long, Accuracy of the machine dosen't need any adjustment..
  * Flying optics design, unique design, small light deviations, easy to adjust.
  RUIDA Controller


Mould industry: architecture mould, aerospace mould, aviation mould etc. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel copper etc cuttings.

  * Leather clothes industry.
  * Art craft industry: paper, wood, bamboo, leather elephant tooth etc engraving and cutting.
  * Advertising industry: Acrylic, double color board engraving and cutting.
  * Packing industry
  Decoration industry: electrical equipment and election engraving and cutting

Model number


Laser tube

130W RECI CO2 laser tube


RUIDA controller


X,Y axis by LEADSHINE servo motor, Z PANASONIC servo motor


X,Y transmitted by square rail and ball screw

Cool system

Water cooling, water chiller 5300

Working voltage

220V 50HZ

Reposition accuracy



lc 1500W

Working environment

Temperature:0-45 C         Humidity:5%-95%

Remark : The data is subject to change without prior notice. The speed will be varied due to different PC settings.

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