* Computer and monitor not included.

Performance & Technical Specifications.

  Professional design for customers from different industry, compact structure, elegant design..
  High strength & stability of mechanical structure composed of high precision mould, machine performs stable in high speed & precision , back-open design convenient for material process & no limit for material length.
  * Adopt's flight path design, special structure, little path deviation, high performance & easy adjustment.
  Update USB Control system & large memory capacity to improve work speed & efficiency.

Industrial Applications

Advertising Industry: Acrylic, double color board & other advertising material engraving & cutting.

Leather Industry: Engraving & through-carving on leather & cloth..

Craft Industry: Engrave and cut on paper, wooden material, bamboo, leather, seashell & ivory material..

Packaging Industry: Engraving & cutting on rubber, composite board & Laser die board..

Engraving and Cutting in decoration industry & electronic appliance industry materials.

Model Industrial

Cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and wooden toys.Packaging industry: engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting. Decoration Industry : Engraving and cutting on electric products and relevant materials.


6040      1060      1280      1390

Working Area

600x400mm 1 000x600mm 1 200x800mm 1 300x900mm

Laser Type

Sealed-off Glass CO2 Laser tube, Wavelength: 10.6um

Laser Power

40W/ 60W 60W/80W 100W/130W/150W/180W

Laser Tube Cooling

Water cooling

Laser Output Control

0-100% No section control,Soft inner 0-100% adjustable.

Control System and Driver

High Speed DSP control system, stepper motor, High subdivision driver

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed



AC220V/110V±10%      5OHZ/6OHZ

Reposition Accuracy


Minimum Letter Letter Size

Chinese : 1.5mm     English :1mm

Machine Power

< 1000W

Rise and Fall Height

100mm (adjusted manually)

Working Environment

Temperature. 0-45 C         Humidity 5%-95%        No condensate water)

Remark : The data is subject to change without prior notice. The speed will be varied due to different PC settings.

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